Why is NOWN a responsible choice when it comes to jewellery you ask? Please read on and we're happy to explain.

All of our silver jewellery is made of sterling silver which is real silver. It's the highest quality you can get when it comes to silver jewellery. It is a long lasting material and can be cleaned and polished. So it can stay with you forever.
For our golden jewellery collection we solely use gold filled. Gold filled is a material that has a very thick layer of 14k gold bonded to a base of brass. It contains 100 times more gold than most gold plated items. That's why it is much more durable. After fine gold, gold filled is the next best thing. It is long lasting and just like sterling silver, gold filled can be cleaned. So if you are looking for affordable jewellery that doesn't leave you after a night of Netflix and chill, then NOWN is your go to choice.

At NOWN we care about sustainability and it's great to see that our customers do too. Although the materials we use aren't 100% fully recycled, the sterling silver we use as well as the gold on our gold filled is mostly certified recycled and ethically sourced material. We are dedicated to keep sourcing as much recycled gold and silver as possible and will keep you updated as we try to improve every day.