Join The Gold Filled Revolution!

There are too many jewellery brands out there who promise you the world, but leave you after a short love affair. Or worse, after one steamy night of 'Netflix & Chill'. We only use materials that you can enjoy for the long run. 

We use certified gold filled & sterling silver. Nothing Less.

Gold Filled (certified)

All our gold jewellery is certified gold filled. Why? Because starting a relationship with gold filled is like finding that person that’s here for the long run. Marriage is not necessary. It’s the Solid Base, the Adventure and the Soul that counts. Because of its affordable price, gold filled can be enjoyed by and given to everyone - family or friend, young or old. You can experiment with styles that are not timeless. If your lifestyle is a little bit more on the wilde side, your gold filled friend can handle it pretty well. When gold filled is well cared for, it can last a lifetime. And when it doesn’t last a lifetime, you know it’s because you’ve had one hell of a ride together. 

Gold filled is the next best thing after the precious metals gold and silver. We also call this demi-fine jewellery. The best way to explain how gold filled is made, is by seeing it as a 14k gold case, filled with brass and pressed together as one material. From this new material, your jewellery is made.

We also choose to work with gold filled, because gold filled is regulated. Suppliers in the US can only label their materials as gold filled, when they consist of at least 5% in gold by weight. We only work with US suppliers so we can give you this golden standard. There is also gold filled from Brazil on the market, but these rules don’t apply to them, so the percentage of gold can be lower. 

Sterling Silver

Starting a relationship with sterling silver is like a marriage. A classic relationship that can exceed your own lifetime. Sterling silver pieces can become your family's heirlooms. 

To get more specific about the material. Sterling Silver is a precious metal. 925 Sterling Silver is the ‘purest’ form silver but doesn't consists of 100% silver. It is an alloy of 92,5% silver and 7,5% copper. 

Fine Gold

Starting a relationship with fine gold is like marrying old money. Only the lucky few can enjoy an all golden lifestyle. Also, you may get the finest in life, but you can't really take a risk or go on adventures. Losing your fine gold on a festival is not an option, it was meant to stay in the family forever. 

Even when your jewellery is made of the precious metal gold, it does not mean it's made of 100% pure gold (24k gold). Since 24k gold is extremely soft and incredibly hard to work with, this is never used for quality jewellery. Just like silver, pure gold is mixed with a different metal like zinc or copper, to make it stronger. For instance 14K gold consists of 14/24 parts of pure gold. This means that 14k gold material consist of approximately 58% pure gold and 42% other metals.

To compare your gold options;
14K gold jewellery consists of 58% pure gold
14k gold filled 
jewellery consists of at least 5% pure gold
14K gold plated jewellery consists of 0,05% pure gold 


Gemstones & Beads

Funk up your jewellery game with gemstones and beads that feed your soul. From freshwater pearls to precious gemstones, these treasures will add a special meaning. We tell you more about the meaning of each gemstone here


Want to know why we don't sell gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery? We’ll break it down for you.

Gold Plated & Gold Vermeil 

We don't sell gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery. Why not? Gold plated is your fuck boy. It looks all shiny and lovable, but it’s just a facade. Have one rough night and the fuck boy is worthless. Trust us, you deserve better. You can see gold plated jewellery as fun stuff for on the side, for when you’re still figuring out who you are and what you like. But at some point in life, you need more, right? The outside layer of gold can look amazing, but when you live your life, at some point soon, the layer comes off and the silver will show. 

Why this happens? Gold plated jewellery is first completely finished in another material like silver or stainless steel. Afterwards, it gets a thin (paint brush like) layer of gold. It's impossible to know for sure how thick this layer is. Gold plated is not regulated and most stores don’t communicate the specifics. Most gold plated layers are usually extremely thin and only contain 0,05% in gold by weight. Yes, this is 100 times less than gold filled. 

What is gold vermeil? Exactly the as gold plated. The only difference is, when the base consists of sterling silver (instead of brass or stainless steel), you can call it gold vermeil. You may think pure gold + sterling silver = super luxe, but sooner rather than later, the silver will show, and the golden jewellery is gone. 

That is why gold filled is our golden combo. A thick case of pure solid gold on the outside, gold toned brass on the inside.