We love the look of gemstones and use them a lot in our designs. Every gemstone is believed to have their own energy and meaning. We have listed the gemstones we use most so you can decide which one to pick, not only based on looks but also what these gems can bring to the table. Choose wisely. 

Black Onyx
Sometimes fully blak but also with a variety of white veins. Helps to block negativity, stimulates patience and determination.

Green Jade
Stones in different shades of green, from very light (almost white) to dark. They inspires and induce ambition towards the accomplishment of objectives. 

Imperial Jasper
Earthy orange tones with white and sometimes mossy green veins. Brings tranquility, wholeness and protection.

Red Jasper
Red colour stone. With the property of a connecting and grounding, stabilizing effect.

Smokey Quartz
Brownish dark grey colours. The stone stands for responsibility and refocusing.

Sun Stone
Metallic-looking gold, orange and pink to clear shades stones. Stand for leadership, generosity and blessings. 

Variety of purple shades. Beneficial for protection, cleansing and healing. 

Blue Lace Agate
Light blue to lilac stones with white striped veins. Promotes peace and calming, encourages healthy friendships and relationships.

Dark base colour with metallic-looking plays of blue, green and yellow. Stands for awakening, joy and innovation.

Clear stone with translucent effect. The mysterious stone symbolizes intuition, sensuality and safe travel.

Dark red colour stone. Symbolizes truth and commitment.

Red Onyx
Dark red colour stone.  Stands for strength-giving and support.

Aqua green colour. Symbolizes confidence, self-love and reative expression.

Tourmaline comes in all colours of the rainbow. From yellow to pink to dark brown.  It symbolizes joy, love and emotional healing.