Black Onyx

Black stones with variety of white veins. Helps to block negativity, stimulates patience and determination.

Green Jade

Light rich green shades stones. They Inspires and induces ambition toward the accomplishment of objectives.

Imperial Jasper

Earthy orange tones with mossy green veins. Brings tranquility, wholeness and protection.

Freshwater Pearls

Bodycolor of white and cream, irregular non-spherical shapes. Known as the “Queen of Jewels”. Stands for health, peace and longevity.

Red Jasper

Red color stone. With the property of a connecting and grounding, stabilizing effect.

Smoking Quartz

Brownish grey colors. The stone stands for responsibility and refocusing.


Metallic-looking gold and pink shades stones. Stand for leadership, generosity and blessings.


Variety of violet and purple colors stones. Beneficial for protection, cleansing and healing.

Shell bead

Natural shell colors tones of cream, white and soft pink. Beads made from shells. Attract prosperity.

Parelmoer / Nacre

Shiny, glossy inner layer of the surface of oyster. Known as the “Mother of pearl”. Value for those with high goals.

Blue Lace Agat

Light blue stones with white striped veins. Promotes peace and calming, encourages healthy friendships and relationships.


Dark base color with metallic-looking plays of blue, green and yellow. Stands for awakening, joy and innovation.


Variety of colors with translucent effect. The mysterious stone symbolizes intuition, sensuality and safe travel.

Garnet stone

Dark red color stone. Symbolizes truth and commitment.

Red Onyx

Red color stone.  Stands for strength-giving and support.


Green and greenish blue color. Symbolizes Confidence, Self-Love, Creative Expression.


Black to deep brown colors.  Symbolizes joy, love and emotional healing.