Here for the long run

We want demi-fine jewellery, that is here to stay. That’s why we joined the gold filled revolution. With our certified quality standards and your love and care, gold filled jewellery can last a lifetime. Finally, you can build the collection of your dreams. 


Your collection

Our collection is not bound to the rules of society. Whether you’re a little girl, a funky old man or anyone fabulous in between; you do you. All our earrings are sold by piece, so you can create your own style. All our necklaces and bracelets are available in different sizes, to fit your individual needs. So make the collections yours. We'll focus on bringing you the latest gold filled designs, in the highest quality possible. 

Personally, we love to layer. Necklace layers, ring layers, bracelet layers, we love it all. You can mix classic chains, with something bold and trendy. Or maybe you want to add a soulful touch with gemstones, beads or initials. Our collection always offers a Solid Base, some Adventure pieces and stones & beads that feed your Soul. Mix all three, and you have the perfect layering set.  


Nown Gold Filled Collection


Gold filled

Gold filled is the next best thing to the fine metals gold and silver, also called demi-fine jewellery. Gold filled material is made of  a 14k gold case, filled with brass and fused together as one material. Together, fine gold and brass are literally a golden combo. Also, gold filled is regulated and must contain at least 5% in fine gold by weight.